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Latest projects

Latest projects
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Cataclismo Video Game - Teaser
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Sebas Huergo's academic background includes degrees in Film Directing and

Post-production; however, his primary wellspring of inspiration lies within the realm of music. This musical influence significantly shapes his rhythmic approach to both filming and video editing processes.

With over 10 years of experience, Sebastian excels in turning ideas into captivating audiovisual content. His unique edge lies in blending planning seamlessly with the creative process.

His approach intertwines three key aspects: the core idea, production design, and communication strategy. Recognized for his work, Sebastian has clinched awards like Best International Director (Miami, USA) and Best Editing (Bilbao, Spain), along with 9 international nominations.

But most importantly, Sebastian's genuine love for filming and producing shines through. His deep connection with each project he takes on ensures that going the extra mile is just a natural part of his commitment.

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